Dear Friend, 


Now, more than ever, we need to add in POSITIVITY and LIGHT.

Please help us bring LIGHT to Laurel, Maryland and the surrounding areas, including Fulton, Savage, Annapolis Junction, Jessup and Fort Meade, through reaching EACH and EVERY INDIVIDUAL.

At Chabad of Greater Laurel, we share our rich spiritual heritage as applied to today's day and age, through our Shabbat dinners, classes, holiday events, prayer services, networking breakfasts, prison visitation, personal home visits, food gifts, much more and yes - through positive and uplifting content on our social media page (please like and share us on Facebook!)..

From now through the end of the year, thanks to a group of generous MATCHERS who have pledged to give dollar for dollar until we reach our goal of $8,000, your impact will be DOUBLED.

Our Matchers:

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Charlie Lippe, Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Wendy Camassar, Mr. Boaz Shilo

We will periodically update the campaign progress below with all donations and pledges, including the matched amount ($1 + $1 = $2).

Please help us reach our goal of $8,000! LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Through LIGHTING UP each individual CORNER of the world, we generate a RIPPLE EFFECT of GOODNESS, ultimately lighting up the WORLD at large, and making it a better place, in sync and in harmony with its PURPOSE. 


Campaign Completed: $8,606 (107.5% of total goal) !!!

Ways to donate:

1) DONATE using a DEBIT or CREDIT CARD using this link  

2) SEND to from PayPal or Cash App.

3) Text your PLEDGE to 240-242-7770 or email it to (please include your name, pledge amount, and email address / phone number).

You can pay off the pledge over the course of the coming year through debit / credit card, cash or check.

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Thank you to our donors!

Barry Segal, Michael & Vivian Feen, Rabbi Sruli & Chaya Baron, Rabino Shui & Chani Rosenblum, Yossi & Rivka Roth, Karen Edwards, Rabbi Dov & Rivkie Baron, Rochel Baron, Pam Malech, Mendel & Mushky Baron, Shua Fogelman, Chaim Muveit, Yisroel & Saah Yarmush, Avremel & Shaindle Sharfstein, Robert & Rachel Kohn, Shimon Sabol, Ganine Crystal, Yisroel Matusof, Moshe Afra, Meir Levin, Dave Margolis, Mendy & Shterny Tubul, Gary Waleik, Ray & Judi Unger, Devora Leah Fogelman, Michael & Leslie Iwanczuk, Iosif & Emiliya Polovinchik, Gedalia Lotkin, Leivik & Rosie Fogelman, Levi Wolf, Mussie Fogelman, Mendel & Shayna Konikov, Rod & Orli Barshook, Motty & Mushkie Harlig, Yitzchok & Chaya Batya Yarmush, Mikhael & Laurei Cohn, Rabbi Levi & Rishi Gurevitch, Rabbi Yossi & Chanie Rosenblum, Mendy & Baila Byski, Rabbi Mendy & Batya Rosenblum, Mendel & Mussie Rosenblum, Chaya Mushka Baron, Zalman Baron, Yossi Levin, Mendel & Chana Deitz, Shterna Sarah Avtzon, Sholom Ber Weiss, Mendel & Devori Levin, Yossi Nadler, Rabbi Aharon Matusof, Rabbi Nachi & Rikki Shusterman, Yitzchok Baron, Chaim Yisroel Sperlin, Moishe Majeski, Yehudis Levin and Bentzi Lesches!